It’s Not Easy Being Green

“It can’t get any worse!” I’m hearing that a lot these days. Folks from Blue and Red political tribes are both saying it. Socialism or anarchy is coming! It really cannot – in the ToC (Time of Covid) – get any worse than this; I nod and listen. I’ve thought the same. I’ve said the words myself. The election, (even without having the virus) makes it hard for me to breathe.  It certainly feels like it couldn’t get any worse, but who knows?

She’s so funny!

And that reminds me of a skit performed by Ellen Degeneres. She’s so funny. She starts out talking about something and quickly pivots to getting a papercut. As she’s on stage sucking her fake finger wound, she tells everyone that getting a papercut is like, ‘The worst thing’. And as the audience laughs and agrees, she stops suddenly and asks everyone, “Really? Is getting a papercut really the worst thing?” And we all laugh and laugh, ‘cause everyone knows there are things far worse than papercuts.

It’s so funny because, surprise! Papercuts really do hurt! And at any time they might reopen and ooze – then requiring a Band-Aid. We’re incredulous that a sheet of paper can cause such pain – a sheet of paper? Yet it cuts, and we bleed. Still, we feel stupid for making a big deal over something so insignificant.

Choices, choices.

If not a paper cut, what then exactly is the worst thing? Is it now, with the virus and the staggering loss of life it’s caused, still causing and projected to cause? Some believe the virus a bunch of hooey and the people who die are going to die anyway. Well, we’re all gonna die; how invincible we feel in the interim determines how important you think the virus is.

Did you vote yet? Maybe it’s this election that’s the worst thing; the results of which will soon be wrapped up in the elusive electoral box left waiting for us under the tree. It’s regardless of the popular vote; do we want what’s in there? We have a binary choice but a full spectrum of opinion; it’s all relative. We’ll get first peek inside tomorrow on Tuesday. Trouble is, there’s only one present and the whole family has share. Let the arguing begin.

Last time the election came ‘round I picked the third party. Unable to swallow either of the choices offered on the main buffet, I opted for the guy who couldn’t remember what Aleppo was, and for the life of him where it was. In real time I watched him stumble with the question. It was an inside media joke for weeks, most people didn’t know who he was.

To my defense I wasn’t voting for Johnson; I liked his VP choice Bill Weld. I liked that they planned to co-President. I was voting to get the third option to 5%. Incensed in 2016 by the folly of the election I made a choice I believed I could live with for four additional years. The 2020 Election, gives no mention of a third party and I can’t remember when there wasn’t a third option.

And…I’ve never been more thankful; with our electoral system third choices just seem to spoil the pudding.

I have to say, I secretly admired the hutzpah of Ralph Nadar; leading the Green Party he held to his convictions and ran for President four times. But I never voted for him. And while his charts fascinated me and I loved his accent, I was disappointed in 1992 when votes for the Reform Party candidate, Ross Perot, (without getting one electoral vote) tied the Blue bow for Bill Clinton.

For fear of beating around the Bush, Bill Clinton was not my choice in 1992 because I believed him to be dishonest when it came to women. Simple as that. Forget speaking to power, I saw Red and talked to the TV; “Hillary, you should run!! Ditch that guy – you don’t need him!”

My daughter was eight then; I volunteered (through the screen of fat Sony) to run her Presidential Campaign in 1996. “She should run for President, not him,” I’d pout nightly as I smeared Ponds all over my face. Imagine my disappointment at the door, bandaged, papercut finger ready to push the doorbell, (blue Flowers wilting in my hands) and was close enough to overhear the disparaging words Hillary had for the women who dared to speak their truth.

Cold cream leaves its’ residue.

So Hillary lost my vote in ’96. I was tired then of a womanizing President and people who defend them or deny it happening. Imagine how I feel today. It’s a nail biter, this election. For a movie I’ve already seen, I’m chomping away on already too short nails on my already too rough-worn hands. Did I believe that Hillary would lose the 2016 election without my vote? No way! The astonishing brashness of the 2016 ‘Democratic Primary’ (literally handing the candidacy to Hillary) seemed to me a bold enough maneuver to ensure her election.

I was sailing on the Baltic Sea when news broke of (the then-candidate) forty-five getting off the infamous bus bragging about all the private parts he could grab on women. I watched the report in horror on a high definition, paper-thin Samsung screen in my cabin. I had just returned from the Viking Sun’s magnificent dinner spread (incredible, with infinite choices). I called out to my husband, “Hillary just won the election!” (Johnson had been taken down by not knowing geography.)

Later in the primary, I watched future forty-five claim that Fox’s own Megyn Kelly had, ‘Blood coming out of her wherever…’ and slept like a rock that night, impervious that any woman would possibly chose that man to run our United States. Even the blind could plainly see how vile it all was.

Oh, if I would have fathomed that that man would become forty-five! I was first in wanting to vote for a woman to become President. I was first in predicting Hillary would be the first to run! But in my righteousness it was my papercut, bandaged finger, this time holding a Red ribbon as Johnson tied the knot.  In my head, I could hear Perot snickering, “Like I always say, (in plain Texas talk) it’s ‘Do the right thing’!”

I looked in my mirror. I tried to wipe and wipe off my shock. (Pond’s does not remove egg.) What was the right thing? Either I should have voted for a certifiable misogynist, or a woman who clearly stood by one? Should I have forgiven Hillary in that she believed Bill to be her only path to power? It wasn’t black and white.

But, it’s just one vote!

As I write, I’m not supposed to even be home; I was supposed to be standing at the crest of Iguazu Falls straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil. A pandemic has hijacked my freedom, I am at home. Instead, it’s my country standing at the edge of a great precipice.

The idea that this election is even close really makes me wonder. What in 2016 was remotely understandable as a sort of Electoral College parlor trick is no longer understandable or funny. Fool me once, shame on you (misleading polls). Fool me twice, shame on me. I do not trust opinion. I no longer have faith in polls. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to think. So I hold my breath.

I cast my vote several weeks ago, and my one, teensy-weensy Blue-Green vote will be just a blip in a county that will be a spanking red blob in a state that will turn blue. What difference will my vote make? With all the complications of the mail-in, drive through, drop off and early voting, figuring out the actual count will be as easy as counting the drops in the river I was supposed to be looking at. With lawsuits pending before the election starts who knows when this will be over.

Wait…a Blue-Green vote? What’s That?

The United States can ill afford today a third or ‘Green’ option. It’s Red or Blue, sink or swim, one is either on the right bank or the left bank, there’s no time for straddling! If one is in the middle, clearly, they’ll be swept over the brink, pummeled at the foot of the falls and washed away in the rush. “Loyalty! You must choose! Pick a color!!”

What it takes to even be Green.

Living in ToC makes me feel like a pioneer, doing everything yourself seems harder. There is no calvary coming to assist; find out how online with YouTube do-it-yourself videos! There are shortages of things like toilet paper, (yes, it’s happening again haven’t you heard – are you stocked?). Everyone’s expected to be self-sufficient now. We live in isolated bubbles.

There’s no dining out; we cook our own food. And mine is not the only dining room that’s been transformed into a one room schoolhouse for children. We eat off islands or trays now. There’s not enough room for our homes to be two or three work offices, schoolhouses, playgrounds, daycares, gymnasiums, nightclubs and restaurants.

We waste not things like napkins or paper plates for fear no more will be available. We use dishes and cloth. We compost, we recycle. Recycle bins – by the sheer volume of delivery boxes from Amazon (not the river) are overflowing. Somethings’ got to give.

I felt like I was cheating ToC rules when I recently brought home drive-through food. I wore my mask, wiped the containers. Although delicious and divine, I discovered after eating there was no room left at my Inn of Recycling Bin. Thoughtlessly, I placed the surprising amount of debris in the trash and doing so triggered a memory of something I’d learned in Egypt.

One of the things I remember about Cairo was the all of the trash. I called it Cairo Carpet. I asked my guide, about the people hanging about with seemingly nothing to do, “Why don’t they at least clear the area in which they live? Why do they choose to live among the litter?”

My guide was very kind to me when he said this; “Jeannie, these people live without any services, they are starving. They are so stressed, they are long past caring about recycling.” Recycling a privilege? It never occurred to me.

I’d like to think I’m Green, in that I care for the environment, and try to recycle when clearly not everybody does or even can. I’m planning the groundwork for solar…soon, or at least sometime. I have but one vote and one recycle bin. What’s in my power to deal with the big problems of the world?

I’m plain and ordinary Jeannie. Then Sesame Street’s Kermit the Frog’s blockbuster, It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green came across my mind and I reorganized my debris, and thought long and hard about writing this bLog. Nothing was feeling easy.

And like a worm, (a tasty morsel for a frog) that Muppet song dug deeper into my brain.

It’s not that easy bein’ green…the song simply begins; a remarkably complicated song though really, especially for a frog. But Kermit is an especially intuitive amphibian with exceptional emotional intelligence.  Kermit’s song is about value the power of one’s own dignity and his path to develop self-worth.

All the while lamenting about being ordinary, blending in and longing to be another color, Kermit does not once mention recycling, which, of course is what made me think of this tune, (as I flattened boxes and separated the plastic).

Bein’ Green has assumed much more meaning since Kermit first sang his song. And I think the lyrics certainly advocate the beauty of clear blue skies, the world’s oceans, mountains and trees. Green, (there is little of it in Cairo, the skies are not blue, the Nile is a mess) to be it, isn’t simple, it requires extraordinary for sustainable environmental policy.

Being Green = Being the Same? At first in the song Kermit believes green to be insignificant but comes to realize that Green is the color of some pretty important things – spring wheat fields and summer trees.

But vast is the word Green with multiple and sometimes opposing meanings. The phrase Being Green has become a metaphor and provides one double entre after another.

Green, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Green literally is not a primary color, of which we all know there are three: Red, Blue and yellow, (political parties are not allowed be yellow). To a big glob of yellow all it takes is a little blue to make green, (or Blue-green votes).

Green Earth, (not to be confused with God’s Green Earth) actually is an ancient pigment, ground for green, that is likened to more of a yellowy ochre/olive. A common form of color blindness is the inability to distinguish red from green. In this case, yellows and blues are accentuated and these people see through a lens tinged sort of a dull Green Earth green. Curiously a side effect of Hydroxychloroquine, is colorblindness.

Quality, more luminous greens are derived from ground malachite. For centuries malachite gemstones have served as talismans carried or worn to protect from contagious disease; maybe we should give it a try to fight Covid 19.

Green defines areas; Green, Ohio is a town. But do not confuse The Village Green for a town because it’s a band, (not the YMCA Village People). Tavern on the Green is the emerald of Central Park. Golfers at long last sink balls on Putting Greens; if they do a good job at the Master’s they win a green coat.

Money is green. Greenbacks, currency printed at the time of the Civil War has evolved into a nickname for all U.S. printed money. But a Greenback is also a kind of trout, kind of green with black spots and a stripe of red in the middle. They’re actually named Greenback cutthroat trout – so be prepared to defend yourself, (and this too, reminds me of the state of our political system).

Vegetarians eat Greens, (no fish!) yet are not referred to as Green, unless they are, (you know, like in that they recycle…surely not all of them do). Being a vegetarian seems to irritate some people who like eating Greenbacks, but vice versa, trout-eaters are known to eat vegetables too which doesn’t seem to upset vegetarians.

Everyone’s been scolded by their grandmother to “Eat your Greens!” Which really means, “Eat your vegetables!” (including those that aren’t even green – I learned when I lacked gumption to try purple cabbage). I liked Fried Green Tomatoes. If it’s from the soil, (unlike Soylent Green) it’s a vegetable, and they are good for you. There are lots of actual green vegetables but the only one I know of with ‘green’ in its’ name is the Green Onions, (not to be confused with shallots OR the Green Onions song).

I like better the fruits. Yet to ripen are the Green Bananas but they leave your mouth dry. I love that God gave us Little Green Apples (marvelously tart, they’re recommended more to make pie than red apples). Far better even is the beverage that comes from Green Grapes; makes dealing with the pandemic and the election a little easier. Is it 5:00 yet?

Green (with or without an ‘e’ at the end) is a genuine familial last name, and to understand why that is, I confess, I Googled it. Turns out, it’s one of the most common English or Irish last names referring to where one might have lived like near an area of Green Field

Or perhaps last name Green refers to the legend of The Green Man also known as Jack in the Green on and the same are both harbingers of Spring.  The Fourteen Century fable, The Green Knight, laid the concrete for Robin Hood’s future fame; both are complicated, enigmatic, (yet good overall) characters who were generous with ‘the Green’, (often other people’s Green $) and they themselves were not actually Green, but preferred to wear green, (like golfers).

And wear it we do. There is the Wearing o’ the Green on St. Patrick’s Day; when you forget to wear your Greensleeves you are punished with a pinch! Americans are born either with or without a Green Thumb which is convenient if you forget to wear green on March Seventeenth. Far closer to Ireland, the British are born with or without Green Fingers. The British use more digits to plant their gardens than we do.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have been born with a Green Thumb or fingers, you might try instead being a little Green around the Gills. A genuine diagnosis, enough Green Beer makes it entirely possible, as will fermented Green Grape juice or Absinthe, (the kind with the wormwood – but I’ve yet to see The Green Fairy). Now where was I?

Not a drinker? Then just be Green – as in ‘With Envy’. Those Green with Envy are often associated with being taken by shifty Green-eyed Monsters. Rest assured, Green-eyed Monsters are myths, (I know this because while eyes can be listed as green on a driver’s license, it is technically a bald-faced legal lie, in that eyes are either shades of blue or dark and it’s the reflection of light that makes an iris appear green). So it’s all an illusion?

Is everything a recycled idea?

Some things cannot make up their minds about being green or not. Like Hazel colored eyes, Chameleons will themselves green and then back to something else, (Kermit would be most envious). Sloths appear greenish, but only because they are so slow, they actually have algae growing on their fur.

Hollywood is obsessed with green, (and the Green $ it made them before the ToC). Moviemakers make magic happen using Green Screens. And they like using the word ‘green’ in their titles: The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern, How Green Was My Valley, The Green Beret, The Green Room, and on and on…

Curiously, a Green Room is at once an actual place, (a room painted, sometimes actually in green, where a performer sits to wait to audition or perform) and the Green Room, is a 2015 horror film about a punk band attacked by Neo Nazis while waiting in a Green Room. Plainly, those punks planned to vote for Biden.

Green Day is a band – I know this because my son took me to one of their concerts. Music has its’ fair share of ‘green’. Miles Davis toots his trumpet about the Blue in Green, (which, like I said, doesn’t take much). Sugarloaf was wild about the Green-eyed Lady, she’s passion’s lady, (but enough said about green eyes). Barbra Streisand is convincing that one L O V E shared by two is ageless and Evergreen. Nancy Ames pays a patriotic tribute to America’s best, the Green Berets. (Will we need them to guard the Green Rooms?)

Tom Jones croons about being stuck in prison and dreaming of the Green, Green Grass of Home. Pearl Jams to the Green Disease, and links ‘green’ with G-R-E-E-D. I wonder who they were singing about then, and if those greedy b@$trd$ ever served time in prison. I digress. However, you might know the movie, The Green Mile, about a prison where the condemned walked to their execution, not on a yellow brick road, but one painted green.

Al Green is one of my favorite musicians. None of his songs have green in their titles like Kermit’s or those listed above. But collectively his songs seem to read like a timely little ToC note: To Sir With Love, I Can’t Get Next to You. You Ought to Be With Me! I’m So Tired of Being Alone. [There] Ain’t no Sunshine When She’s Gone. How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? Look What You Done For Me, I’m Full of Fire. A Change is Gonna Come! [But] Let’s Stay Together. I’m Livin’ for You, [for] Love & Happiness, For the Good Times!! Give it Everything, Lean on Me! Call Me!

“Somebody STOP me!” Jim Carrey infamously suddenly said while in Green Face.

Green Light? 1.) Green Light means Go! 2.) Several musicians have recorded different songs titled Green Light. My favorite is John Legend’s cause he’s “Ready to go right now!” 3.) Green Light is also a movie: “The ’37 Green Light movie stars Errol Flynn who plays a surgeon with a sullied reputation.  Disillusioned and dismayed he’s forced out of town and heads west to take part in noble research to combat a tick-borne illness and almost dies by selflessly injecting the unproved antigen.” That reminds me of something… DVD only. 2 left. $11.94 Free shipping.

To be a Greenhorn is to be naïve. And I’ve concluded I acted like a Greenhorn in voting for the Johnson/Weld ticket in 2016. (Green Eggs and Ham all over my face.) I wonder if others thought they were naïve for voting for someone else when they thought, “It couldn’t get any worse!”

Greenhorn is also the name of a song. A hummable enough tune, about a young man, who wants to wake up in the morning, (to the gaze of, I suppose, his lover?) before he’s jaded. Too late Greenhorn! Jade is a shade of green historically has served all sorts of purposes.

There are several movies titled Greenhorn.  Here’s it’s synopsis from 2014 about the power of friendship: “In the aftermath of living through the Holocaust an 11 year old survivor moves to Brooklyn and makes fast friends with a boy who suffers with stuttering. Together they battle the bullies that surround them; a story about a survivor and a man who overcame stuttering by standing up for those weaker than they are.

The long benches of the UK’s House of Commons were upholstered in green, like 300 years ago, (a good governmental kind of green). Meanwhile, their soldiers wore Red. A lot of Green Papers have been written in the House of Commons. (And our government uses Green Papers too.) Ideas dreamed up by governmental bodies are pitched to the public on Green Papers and then acted upon or rescinded based on the temperament or tolerance for the idea.

I wonder how many papercuts the PM & MP’s got drafting Brexit on Green Papers. Papercuts are the worst. After a lot of Green Papers, Green finally meant Brexit, I mean, Go! Go figure politics anyway – when an entire country can leave without going anywhere!

Green is also…a river! Yes, the Green River runs through Wyoming Colorado and Utah. Waylon Jennings sang a song to the Green River. And are you shocked to discover that Green River is also movie? There’s more than one but here’s the IMDb synopsis of the one from 2008: “There’s no turning back. Whether we trust our friends, others or ourselves our decision determines the fate of the future. Green River’s story deals with the agonizing truth of the actions we take in times of crisis.” Dropped my jaw reading that at @

In ToC (Times of Crisis) it’s not easy to get Green.

Green is a party. Not like one a fun one with balloons; it’s a political party that never got to drop any. It was Ralph Nadar’s third political party pooper. A party whose concept was founded in Belgium and Germany on the principals of peace and environmentalism and technically they were not the very first Green Party either! The real first Green Party was also a ‘Party of the People,’ but not necessarily peaceful; they were from yet another ToC– the Time of Constantinople. (But now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople and that’s nobody’s business – but the Turks!) I am not and have not advocated the Green party platform.

I think what the world needs now is love, sweet love and Greenpeace sounds lovely doesn’t it? I need Greenpeace and quiet! Everyone needs somewhere nice and green and peaceful to live – somewhere that people are not so exhausted or hungry that they can’t even think about picking up the garbage around them. It’s imperative to have compassion. There are no sectors of humanity that deserve a decent life more than others.

Being Green” today is synonymous with clean environmental policy. And that’s actually changed the meaning of Kermit’s lyrics to me. Being this kind of Green is not so ordinary, and is not easy either. Those Being this kind of Green can seem to be a snobbish sort who may say things like, “Why don’t you pick up your garbage?” and then do nothing to delve into the greater reasons for it not being done.

Has anyone not recycled because it’s too inconvenient, because they are weary, hurried, or just plain sick and tired of everything? I’m less likely to be green when I am stressed out. Being Green is hard work, takes planning and innovation and cooperation and infrastructure.

Gérard Depardieu starred in Green Card, a darling yet prophetic film that predicted his portending predicament when he had to actually get one when he left upon leaving France forever. forty-five, although he’s married at least a couple of naturalized citizens, (a good idea for them) wants no more Green Cards! It’s a big no-no to live in the United States without one, so it’s a conundrum if you are trying to immigrate here. “Enough with the Green Cards already,” forty-five laughs as he tosses over the Mexican border wall Republican Red Cards rubber-banded to paper towels . MAGA!!

Green is a really complex secondary color.

I want to make this clear; I believe the triad of colors on the color wheel is the key to its’ stability. Also, Green sits exactly opposite on the color wheel to Red. Opposing colors on the wheel are complementary, but in real life, however, maybe not so much. But all-in-all, (with some degree of confidence) I can say that green has been generally thought of as a very agreeable color.

Mohammed is said to have favored wearing green and the people in paradise are said to all wear green robes. And then Green also turns out to be the color of Pentecost, a major Jewish festival, (held annually on the 6th or 7th of Sivan, fifty days after the second day of Passover). Once a simple harvest festival, it now also recognizes the giving of the Torah or the Law. (I wonder if it was drafted first on a Green Paper.)

The Holy Ghost is the Guest of Honor at the Christian Pentecost, (surprise – it’s celebrated with the color green as well)! Held on the 7th Sunday after Easter, Pentecost signifies and celebrates the time when this Holy Trinity member descended, (in green?) on the disciples of Jesus. Christians like green too.

Green vestments are worn by Christian ministers and priests throughout the Christian Calendars’ Ordinary Time. This is the time between the special holidays where CEO’s, (Christmas & Easter Only attendees) stay home. Ordinary are the times when only the faithful, Ordinary Joes attend – green attire not required. Christians also, ‘Hang the Greens’ at Christmas even in what could be a mild or Green Winter that gives time for newly-cut Green Wood to dry.

With all the complicated advice/example/opinion of the Bible in regard to sexuality it’s more the curious then that green is associated with fertility as well! Tut, tut green here seems incongruent with a book that chronicles sexual misbehavior while at the same time advocating sex be only performed as a requirement to reproduce. Absolutely befuddling, consistently confounding as ever, Green.

In China wearing green headgear is associated with prostitution. In China, Leprechauns, (the real Green Fairies) would be treated like they have…leprosy! And did you know that China’s ‘Red Light’ District is marked with a Green Lantern which is why, therefore, Hollywood needed a movie where a superhero comes in and…

Frightening and scary things can be green. Dragons, in all of the movies, seem to favor being green. The Green Giant certainly was tall– not really intimidating – but I ate my Green Beans anyway. (Thought I’d forgot them?) I think the Boogey-man must be green. Some spiders are green but green spiders are cool and don’t seem so bad. And that brings me to snakes – green snakes are less threatening, no?

A snake could be anywhere; (not only in-not on planes) snakes slither around in your backyard Green, Green Grass of Home. Are you a good snake or are you a bad snake? Snakes are also known to live in swamps.

It is not too late to see that he who captured the Electoral vote to lead America out of the swamp in 2016 is no Pied Piper? He promised to get rid of all the snakes, but by being an insolent bully now we seem to have a Make America Great Again Great Dismal Swamp. If, (as Jared Kushner told Bob Woodward) forty-five actually accomplished a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, he can’t take all the credit.

What bothered me in ‘96, (when Hillary didn’t stand up to Bill) bothers me still when it seems practically everyone in the Republican Party seems to have misplaced their spine along with their moral compass and do not stand up to forty-five. What bothered me four years ago when the media glossed over Democrat after Democrat being wiped out in their primary, choosing instead to fixate, (their jaws on the floor) on the Republican dog-and-pony show bothers me to this very day because it’s still happening. Recycling doesn’t just happen at the dump, news channels recycle worn out opinion over and over as well.

And now we have a bigger problem, like one big messed up multi-dysfunctional family headed by an out-of-control abusive dad. Have you ever wondered why is there so much domestic abuse? It’s because no one does anything! The family sticks together. They defend the one who is clearly not worthy of their loyalty.

Stressed out family members are helpless to remove the garbage around them, and if they picked it up, what would they do with all the crap? Too many times the abused defend their abuser because they believe there is no other choice. They’ve suffered the wrath, (“Don’t question me!” “What are you looking at?” “Take off that mask, it’s pissing me off.”) Real or figuratively, quality of life depends a lot on appeasing an abuser. Stockholm syndrome is real – we are United in our dysfunctional State.

Maybe it can’t get any worse?

forty-five is whittling away environmental regulation, has little respect for Being Green, or people who are. He states and retweets untruths, argues with virtually everybody! He exaggerates, he takes what he wants, threatens and insinuates hate groups to incite trouble. To his administration world-renown physicians are not good enough! (You’re fired!)

He laughs and laughs at the misfortune of others. forty-five has said cruel things, and can act like a mean, mocking, name-calling bully. He is the master of gas-lighters, (which is also a movie). Maybe he’s lived in the Green Lamp district too long.

So how is this good leadership? Are among his crowd the prior bullied who have mistaken him as their defender? Have they hired him on to sock it to the bad guys who have taken advantage of them before? By choosing a wise and strong guy this time, they might believe they won’t be suckered again.

More than one has learned the hard way to watch out if you follow a bully like this – the only predictable thing narcissists care about is themselves. Cross them and there’s an uppercut to your reputation leaving a horrid bruise that starts out purple before slowly turning green. And he’s delivered something that’s much worse than any papercut to America by punching what ‘Liberty for All’ stands for right in the gut.

Seriously, is there is no one in the Republican Party that’s better to lead than this guy? Is there no civilized or kind person left on the planet to lead conservatives? For now, he’s the one, a bully in a battle with a man who has overcome stuttering and has a chance to become a real hero. I hope knuckles don’t bleed, and there will be peace soon in the Green Green Valley.

It’s most definitely not easy being green. I’d like to be, but I’m not green. I’ve been yellow all along.

I’ve got one vote, and over time I’ve blended with either Red or Blue. For me, at heart of Red right now, there’s a black stain blob. For now I’ve taken on a dab of blue. But I believe we really we do need all of the colors. I believe yellow’s what’s missing and is the ticket to our stability. What I really hope is, that in time, ALL the colors can complement one another again.

“It can’t get any worse?” I’m not laughing. VOTE.

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