Welcome to Ike’s eye, a singular place to assimilate paintings, photography & writing.

I grew up drawing and painting to depict the world around me. My photography helps me understand and remember the places I have been. Through journals and written stories my words are reflections of things learned from my many travels. I’m ready to take all of these a step further by putting all my work, to work, and hope it works to share all of it together for a greater purpose than just another pretty picture.

~ Jeanne Eickhoff


Picture the world as seen through Ike’s eye.

Having lived in multiple states of this United States (still I hope) and having done my share of travel I’ve come to accept I have we each have a different way of looking at the world.  I’m older now, mother of two grown children, grandmother to their children and desire very much to share my perspective as a legacy to them and anyone else who finds meaning from my sharing what I create.

Travel Log

“Accepting on Behalf of the People,” Dr. Joe Schaffers.

Check back soon for my blog post on what meeting Joe Schaffers at Cape Town, South Africa’s District Six Museum meant to me. Meanwhile, for the next few days follow on Instagram the visual photo puzzle I have created to honor Joe’s life work and celebrate his honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Dear Kora,

Once Upon a Time, there was Traveling.  Traveling was where people went from one location to another location.  Not to locations like from one room to another in one’s own home, or even from one place to another in one’s own town – but from town to town, state to state, country to another country!  …